I help you get more sales through a strategic Shopify store.

For product-based businesses like yours, a top-notch Shopify website is a game-changer. I focus on creating a visually stunning and user-friendly design that captivates your customers from the moment they land on your site. By optimizing the conversion elements like irresistible product descriptions, clear call-to-action buttons, and a seamless checkout process, I’m dedicated to turning your website visitors into loyal customers. Let’s work together to make your online presence shine and boost your sales!

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We can collaborate in two ways: crafting an amazing brand or building a Shopify website that reflects your vision. Are you ready to transform your product-based business?


Our blog is a treasure trove of valuable insights, tips, and strategies tailored specifically for businesses like yours. Dive into a wealth of knowledge as we cover topics for your product-based business.

Behind the Brand

Simpson’s Web Design is a design studio based out of Georgia, USA, specializing in branding and Shopify websites for product-based businesses. Diana Simpson started her journey as a designer in April 2021. She has a background in finance which helps her think and design strategically. A good brand is hard to ignore and that is the overall goal when working with us. We want to give you a brand that everyone talks about.


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How to create a product page that sells

Your product pages should be just as important as the rest of your website. What happens when your customers land on your product page defines whether they buy or leave your site. So how can you make sure that you are drawing your customers in to hit ‘Add to Cart’? Find out how with this Free training!

7 tips to increase sales

How to create a product page that sells