2 things that will bring in sales for your shop

bring in sales for your online shop

I know it can get frustrating to think that making sales online is hard but it doesn’t have to be this way. It is important to focus on these two things when it comes to making sales online.

The 2 things that will bring in sales for your online shop:

  1. Attracting your customers
  2. Converting more visitors into customers

Traffic is the measure of how many people are coming to your site. What if you have low traffic and this is impacting your conversion rate?

Low traffic and average conversion rate

When it comes to identifying where you may be falling short on traffic, the things to look at would be your marketing efforts. Are you marketing to your target audience? If you have people coming to your site but your product is not for them, they will not buy from you. Making sure that you are reaching the right audience is the first step to getting more traffic and a higher conversion rate.

One way to increase your traffic:

  • Invest time in your SEO
    • Keyword search on Google or Bing. Find and use phrases that people are searching for and that relate to your product. Instead of using your brand’s name use a phrase that is relatable to people searching the web. is a great SEO tool to use for this.

Action step: Make a list of 5 keywords that are specific to your niche and products.

I hope this is helpful and that you are one step closer to increasing your online sales!

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