How Bosom Boutique
got a brand makeover

It was a joy working with Kelly from Bosom Boutique!

Kelly is the owner of Bosom Boutique, a boutique that sells pestemals to support breast cancer patients. Kelly is a breast cancer survivor. She wanted other women going through the same experiences she went through to feel safe and comfortable so she started her own boutique as a way for women to embrace themselves. She is paying it forward by donating pestemals to breast cancer patients. For every purchase she receives, she donates one pestemal to a breast cancer patient. 

Kelly and I connected through a mutual connection and the first things Kelly was looking to do were . . .

“Have a website that feels comfortable and cohesive for visitors to shop and bring in more traffic to the site.”

Kelly had her website designed by another designer when she started her business but wasn’t seeing results from her old website. Not only was she not getting a lot of traffic but her sales were far from in between. In addition to her website not driving sales, she wasn’t confident in her branding. She felt that it wasn’t representing her brand while attracting the right target audience. She knew that if she didn’t take action and fix these issues, she would still feel stuck and not be able to show up consistently in her business.


Phase 1: Brand Strategy
Through the discovery phase, we discovered that there was not a well-defined target audience which in turn was making it hard to position herself in the market. Her product (pestemals) has many uses and she wanted to draw in on all of them while still attracting women specifically breast cancer patients. This led us to create two user personas that we could target. We went over ways we could speak to this audience through visuals and through her copy. The brand strategy was the center of it all. 

Phase 2: Brand Identity Refresh
Once we had the brand strategy in place, we focused on giving the visuals a refresh which included creating two alternative logos, a new color palette, and typography styling. By giving her brand a refresh, Kelly is now positioned as a women-first pestemal boutique. Her brand stands out in a sea of other pestemal boutiques.

Phase 3: Website Strategy
After refining her brand identity, we moved on to developing a website strategy that outlined the goals of the shop. By asking important questions that uncovered what her best-sellers were and what the focus of the Home page would be, we were able to develop a plan before starting the web design phase. 

Phase 4: Web Design + Development
Then came the web design and development phase! I created a mock-up on Adobe XD that outlined the layout and design of the website. We went over the mockup together and tweaked any areas that needed refining to stick with the website strategy we developed. After deciding on the design, we moved on to the development phase. During this phase, I worked on developing the website according to the design. Once the development was completed, I tested every page and link to make sure everything was working.

Final hand-off
The final handoff took place once we decided everything looked good and worked well. I made the site live without any downtime since her shop was already live in Shopify. Overall, working with Kelly on this project was fun and productive. I was happy to deliver a website built with her audience in mind.

I really enjoyed working with Kelly and helping her achieve a website that is helping her sell her pestemals. Here is what she had to say about working together:

photo of Diana with text

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