Four benefits of Shopify analytics

four benefits of shopify analytics for your online shop

Have you ever paid attention to your analytics on your Shopify website? I’m guessing you either glanced at it and said “What the heck?”or you haven’t paid any attention to this section on your dashboard.

Here’s why you should be paying attention to this information and how it can help you increase sales:


Customer Journey
By looking at your analytics, you can be informed about your customer’s journey and what products your customers prefer the most. Having a clear understanding of what your customers click on and how they shop on your website will give you feedback on whether your website is actually user-friendly or not. If your customers are taking too long on a page without making a decision to purchase a product or not, that can be a sign that the page is too complicated. Now that you know how many customers are leaving on what page and how long they are staying on the website, you can make changes to your website so that the user experience is improved.

Customer Retention
This is a big one because not only is it important to bring in new customers but it is also important to keep customers coming back for more. If you know how many of your customers are return customers, you can work on a plan to increase that number based on their buying behavior. You can also add new incentives for repeat customers and even introduce a rewards system all by getting the data through your website.

Marketing Output
Your analytics inform you of where your customers are coming from and how long they are staying on your website. By knowing where they hang out and how they landed on your website, you can spend more time marketing your products on this platform rather than trying to spread your time among all platforms in hopes of reaching your customers. ‘Cause let’s be real – we need a marketing plan that works.

E-commerce Trends
You know that trends come and go but what if you can catch a trend early and make it your own? That would put you in a sweet spot to attract those first customers that are looking to buy your products. You can use this information in your favor and pivot when you see the need to.

You see your analytics tab isn’t just another tab made to just spat out information at you. It is useful information that you can use to continue to drive sales to your website. The more you know, the better decisions you make.

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