How to Bring Your Customers Back to Shop

The real estate on your Shopify store is valuable. It’s so valuable that you shouldn’t take for granted the minuscule details. Here’s why . . . 

Navigating Your Store

Think of it this way. When you enter a Sephora, you look for a friendly face to see if you can get some help navigating the store. This is the purpose of your navigation/header area. It should be designed in such a way that invites your customers to shop with you and makes it easy for them to look for products that match their needs.

Once they find the product that interests them, they either “Add to Cart” or decide that it’s not the right time to buy. They will continue to navigate your website in hopes of finding something else. 

Reaching The Footer

If they reach the end of your website (the footer), they either leave or explore the options they have on this menu. Assuming that you have a menu, this will give them another opportunity to shop with you and possibly close the sale. You just gained a new customer by having an optimized footer! How cool is that!

Now think about what would happen if you didn’t have a menu in the footer area. The customer would have left without another opportunity to look at your products again. I know that (and you know that) some customers need more time to look around and decide if they want to buy your product but by not giving them the option to explore your products one last time, you are missing out on a potential customer.

Pages to Include on Your Footer

The question now arises: What should I put on the footer area? Some pages you can include are “Shop Products”, “Categories/Collections”, and “Best Sellers.” These pages will already give your customer an idea of what other people have bought before and loved. Use one or two of these pages so you don’t overwhelm your customer and create decision fatigue. Along with a menu, add your policy pages and email opt-in form. Policy pages and email opt-in forms are a must but that’s another conversation for another day. 

In Conclusion

You need an optimized footer to take advantage of customers who are leaving your store. Without one, you are missing out on potential customers. Take this as your sign to update the footer on your Shopify store! Let me know if you found this blog post helpful or if you have any questions on this topic.

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