How to Keep Customers on Your Shopify Store

As a product business owner, you get the exhaustion and overwhelm that comes with trying to make your Shopify store “good enough” for customers to find what they are looking for and buy from you.

The thing is, making your store just good enough isn’t going to bring in more customers. If there is no plan or strategy, they will simply glance, be confused, and leave your store.

Understanding Your Customer

Think of your online store as a physical store. What do you do when you step into your favorite clothing store? Do you check out the sale rack first or do you explore the cardigan section?

You have to understand your customer to create a layout that matches the needs and wants of your customer. So, how do you go about understanding what those needs and wants are?

Getting Clear On Your Target Audience

First, let’s get clear on who your customers are. You can easily start creating a real-life person of who your customer is by asking the following questions.

What age group are they in?
Are they female or male?
What are they most interested in?
Why would they care about your products?

Once you have your target customer defined, you will get a better understanding of what your customer is looking for. This is the fun part where you start thinking of ideas of how to create a layout that is simple and makes sense.

Think of how you can group your products into categories that make sense. Can your bath bombs and exfoliating soap go under “Bath Essentials”? Categories are meant to group similar products together so make sure that the products you group have similar attributes.

Home Page Layout

Your home page store’s layout can consist of categories, best selling products, and your mission/story. The layout will be different for you based on your unique business goals so make sure you take the time to get clear on what your goals are.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that the home page of your Shopify store is meant to invite your customers into your store. It is like a big welcoming rug that says “You belong here.” Making sure that it speaks to your customers while making it easy for them to find your products is key.

The Big Takeaway

I hope this helped you get started on revamping your Shopify store so that you can bring in more sales. Not only should your Shopify store feel aligned with your goals, but your customers will notice a big difference on how you position your brand online. In return you will gain more trust and you are likely to see repeat customers. That’s a win in my opinion!

If you are looking for 1:1 support to help you revamp your Shopify store, I would love to help. I know how exhausting it can be to go at it alone and that is why I love working with product brands that are looking to scale their online sales. Reach out through this form and let’s chat!

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